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Know Before You Go: Four Facts To Understand About Your Personal Injury Case

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If you've been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you probably already understand that you may have to pursue your claim aggressively to get compensation. While settling outside of court is always preferable, sometimes you end up in court fighting for your rights to get adequate money damages. Being prepared for court is vital, and your personal injury attorney needs you to take part by following some of the tips below.

Be honest with your lawyer

You have protections put in place by our laws that insure your communications with your lawyer are completely confidential, so take advantage of that attorney-client privilege by being as honest and forthcoming with your legal team as possible. The other side will be doing a background check on you, so be up front about your history, whether it be criminal, driving, employment, financial, personal, or anything else. You can help your case a great deal by allowing your lawyer time to prepare for any issues that could arise, so don't leave that lawyer in the dark about your past; it could mean a surprise ambush on the stand that your lawyer is not prepared to refute.

Review the facts of your case

Take some time to review your notes and documents of everything that has happened so far. Beginning with your accident, review your medical treatment and all the ways that the accident has affected your life. The time from your accident until your first day of court could span months and months, so begin keeping good notes as soon as possible about everything you remember of the accident and afterwards. If you have the accident report, medical receipts and records, photos, and other evidence, review them so the memory is renewed. Your testimony will be that much more effective.

Become aware of your actions

You are suing the at-fault driver, but you are also suing their insurance company. Insurance companies are loath to pay out money; it interferes with their profit margin. Consequently, they will take measures to try to lessen their liability for the accident and your resulting injuries. Be constantly aware of your behavior and actions when you are out in public. If you claim to be badly injured, don't be too embarrassed to use assistive medical aids to get around. You may be photographed and videoed at any time.

You can learn more about what to do to assist in putting on a good case by speaking with your personal injury attorney, whom you might find at an office of personal injury and immigration attorneys.