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Connecticut Casinos: 4 Driving Hazards To Be Aware Of

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Two of the biggest attractions in the state of Connecticut are the large casinos and resort properties. Along with gambling, these tourist destinations offer shopping, concerts, and dining throughout the whole year. Many people choose to travel to the casinos by driving and it is typically the ideal way. When you are driving to the casinos, it's important to be aware of a number of driving hazards. If you're aware and paying attention, then you will not be held liable in a car accident case. If another driver is at fault for an accident, then you can consult with an experienced car accident attorney. Browse through the unique driving situations found at these casinos and learn about them before you head out on the open road.

One-Way Streets

Traffic is flowing in and out of casinos 24 hours a day. To help with this flow, casinos tend to utilize one-way roads on their properties. By paying attention to signs, you can properly navigate through parking lots and entryways to ensure that you are traveling in the right direction. The one-way roads found at these casinos include streets leading to parking garages, access roads, and exits off of various highways. If another vehicle hits you while traveling down a one-way road, then they could be held liable for the injuries sustained in the crash. Casinos have a number of security cameras that can be used as evidence in a crash case. An attorney can obtain the footage and review it for use within your case.

Parking Options

When visiting a Connecticut casino, there are typically two different ways you can choose to park. Valet parking allows you to pull right up the casino doors and quickly exit your car. Garage parking allows you to pick your spot and enter a casino through multiple points. When choosing valet parking, it's important to know the condition of your vehicle. If the vehicle is hit or involved in a crash by the valet driver, then they can be held liable any damages or financial impacts that occur.

When traveling through a parking garage, it's important to be aware of parking garage conditions. Sharp turns often need to be made in parking garages. If someone cuts a corner too sharply or doesn't follow proper directions, then they could be the cause of an accident. Some of the parking garages are also based underground. When this occurs, improper lighting may make it hard to see certain areas. An attorney may try to prove that a casino is liable for car accident injuries due to improper parking conditions.

Venue Events

Connecticut casinos may also offer forms of large-scale entertainment through arena and theater shows. When these shows are scheduled to take place, the casinos can be filled with bumper to bumper traffic. If you are caught in one of these traffic jams, it's important to be aware of your surroundings. You should keep an eye out for traffic and cars trying to switch lanes. Speeding or driving recklessly during these times can lead to blame and liability if a car accident occurs.

As acts and companies arrive for venue performances, they are also driving large semi-trucks. These trucks can easily fill up traffic areas and create problems. If you are involved in an accident with one of these trucks, it's important to seek legal advice for the situation. Many times, these large truck operators can be blamed for causing an accident in these situations.

Alternate Vehicles

As you drive on Connecticut casino properties, it's important to be aware of other vehicles that may be present. It's not unusual to see high amounts of shuttle buses, golf carts, and electric scooters buzzing around the property. Larger trucks like delivery trucks are often coming in and out of the casino. Knowing what types of vehicles to expect on the property can make it a lot easier to make your way around and be aware of the surroundings. Getting in an accident with one of these vehicles would fall under a car accident liability case. A lawyer can help you navigate the unique details of the case and ways to help you get a settlement for damages.

Visiting the Connecticut casinos can be a great time as long as you are aware of the unique traffic conditions found on the property. If you are in an accident reach out to a professional, such as