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Distracted Driving: 5 Factors Other Than Cell Phones That Can Help Your Case

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Statistics have shown that distracted driving is a cause of thousands of car crashes every year. While a lot of focus has been placed on using cell phones while driving, there are other distractions that can lead to accidents and injuries on the road. If you've been involved in a car accident and you think it was the other driver who cause the accident, it's important to work with a lawyer and discover any possible distractions from other drivers that could have lead to the crash. By gathering evidence and considering the following five factors, you can help get the settlement your deserve for your injuries and emotional damages.

Food Distractions

It's common to eat on the go, but all of those fast food and take-out meals can cause distractions on the road. Looking down at food for just a second could lead to an accident on the road. If you believe that food distractions impacted your case, then there are multiple ways to help prove this. By working with a lawyer, you can track any credit or debit receipts from the hours before the accident. This can help prove that the other driver had food in the vehicle.

The vehicle itself can help showcase this, too. Food wrappers, food drinks, or open food containers can all showcase a possible distraction or that the driver was eating. If no food was purchased, other pieces of evidence could include meals or snacks taken from home or a drink container that is in the car.

Car Media

A number of different media devices may create distractions for drivers on the road. As media devices advance and have more features, there are greater chances for a distraction. For example, many people choose to dock their smartphone to play media tracks. Looking down at the phone screen to select a song or app could have created a distraction that caused the car accident.

If a music service was being used at the time of the crash, then your lawyer can help gather evidence. Various music apps can track user data and determine if the device was being used or accessed. Car access panels may also have data that can be used as evidence in your case.

Car Navigation Devices

Along with music and media device, car navigation devices can cause distractions. Even though these devices are useful for following directions, they can create distractions with voices, maps, and on-screen options. If the driver is touching or looking at the GPS screen, it can divert their attention from the road and result in a horrific crash.

After the accident, police reports, photos, and evidence from the GPS device may be used to help with your case. It can show access of the GPS device and any possible distractions.

Makeup & Styling

When running late, it's not uncommon for people to put on some finishing touches in the car. Applying makeup, brushing hair, and using mirrors can divert attention from the road. Using accident photos of the other vehicle, it's a good idea to look for any make-up products, brushes, or cosmetic items on the floorboard. These key items could become focal points of your settlement case and any proof of distracted driving.

Other People in the Car

Even if it's innocent or unintended, other passengers in the vehicle could be a distraction and cause of an accident. Friends talking, people interacting, or passing items around could be the cause of your accident. Children riding in the backseat could impact your accident as well. For example, if a parent reaches back to hand a child a snack or grab something from them, the brief distraction is all it takes to cause an accident on the road. When there are passengers involved in a crash, your lawyer can use witness statements, pictures, and police reports to compile evidence and build your settlement case.

If you noticed anything before or after the crash, it's important to bring it up to a lawyer as soon as possible. This will help you get the best settlement and ensure that all the evidence is covered for your case.

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